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DC Hatha Yoga

at 8488 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, Maryland, United States, 21043

Hatha Yoga Programs

Isha Hatha Yoga programs are an unparalleled opportunity to learn practices derived from a yogic tradition maintained in its full purity and vibrancy for thousands of years. The classes are conducted by highly trained teachers and offer classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension.

These practices are not taught merely for physical fitness and strength. They are a holistic process of naturally achieving a certain mastery over the body and mind, so as to come to a state of health, and bliss. They are ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world.


Upa Yoga

A simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system. It is a good starting point for those who are new to yoga, and it can be used as a preparation for other yoga practices. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa Yoga's benefits include:

  • Relieving physical stress and tiredness

  • Exercising the joints and muscles

  • Rejuvenating the body after period of inactivity

  • Negating the effect of jet lag and long travel

Surya Kriya

The fundamental process in which Surya Namaskar originates from, Surya Kriya is a potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity. Designed as a holistic process for health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing, Surya Kriya is a complete spiritual process by itself. It enriches one’s life in many ways:

  • Develops mental clarity and focus
  • Remedies weak constitutions
  • Balances hormonal levels
  • Boosts vigor and vitality
  • Prepares one for deeper states of meditation



A series of 31 dynamic processes, rooted in yoga, to invigorate the body and reach peak physical fitness. “Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body. It needs no fitness equipment. Angamardana revitalizes the body in many ways:

  • Strengthens the spine, skeletal and muscular systems
  • Builds physical strength and fitness
  • Invigorates the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom
  • Prepares the body for Hatha Yoga


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Yogasanas is offered as a set of 36 powerful postures, or asanas, to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy. This profound science enhances how one thinks, feels, and experiences life. Isha's program requires no special physical agility or previous experience of yoga. It is not merely physical exercise, but enables a person to flower into his ultimate potential; to naturally achieve a state of health, joy, and bliss. The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including: 

  • Relief of chronic health conditions
  • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility
  • Stabilization of the body, mind and energy system
  • Deceleration of the aging process

Bhuta Shuddhi


Bhuta Shuddhi means “purification of the elements,” and is a process of cleansing the 5 elements within the human system: Earth, water, fire, air and space.
Isha provides a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from this science, which otherwise requires intense spiritual practice.

Benefits include:

  • Keeps the system in harmony and balance
  • Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy
  • Creates the basis to gain mastery over the human system