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Vesa Services is a One Stop solution for all Immigration Related Paperwork. We Vesa Services, act as the extended employee of the client’s to do the immigration Paperwork which help’s them to save their costs up to 80%. Our Expertees have over 15 years of experience with US Immigration, especially working with IT Consulting and staffing companies in the areas like ------- 1. New H1B/H4 Filing 2. H1b Extensions & Amendments 3. PERM, I-140s, GC Audits and critical RFE's. 4. Detail documentation of Business Plan and Marketing Analysis for your Internal Projects 5. Mass Mailing on Monthly basis 6. HR Services on Monthly basis 7. Technical Project Descriptions based on the Job Title for 3 years (70-80 Pages) For specialty Occupation To know much about our services please visit our website and you can reach us at 989-394-4020. We would be happy serving your needs and ensure smooth and timely process. NOT AN ATTORNEY SERVICE READ DISCLAIMER AT